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Weir Type Diaphragm valve / Straight Through Diaphragm Valve ()

Weir Type Diaphragm valve / Straight Through Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm valve is an isolation valve. The sealing element is a resilient diaphragm, sitting on the valve body. The body may be either metallic, plastic or lined, thus enabling users to design what is best suited for the application.   

The resilient diaphragm provides a seal between the body and the bonnet. Diaphragm valves may be manually operated by a hand wheel or automated by pneumatic. The two configurations of diaphragm valve weir and straight through type when combined with their key features.


Body: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, SS-316 and other castable alloys.

Lining: Natural Rubber, Ebonite, Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyl, Hypalon, Silicon, F.R.P and LEAD.

Diaphragm: Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyl, Viton, Silicon, Hypalon, EPDM and PTFE.The diaphragms are reinforced with canvas/nylon/rayon-cord. 

Bodies: Weir or Straight Through Designs.

Ends: Flanged of Screwed.

Bonnets: Standard or Sealed for Vacuum service, Non-Indicating, indicating, with or without travel stop.

Sizes: 15MM to 300MM(Flanged ends) 15mm to 100mm(Screwed ends)

Flanges: as per BS/ASA/DIN And Customers requirements.

Temperature Range: 400C to 1750C



1.Easy Visibility of valve position due to indicating stem.

2.Prevents over tightening and imparts long life to body lining & diaphragm.